Tooth Replacement Options in Dallas, TX

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Durable, Aesthetic Replacement Teeth

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Rodriguez is a certified dental specialists in the replacement of missing teeth. Part of his specialty is the ability to plan treatment and provide replacement teeth for even the most complex cases. He provides a full range of tooth replacement options, including implant-supported new teeth.

We have an in-house dental lab where we create durable, natural-looking replacement teeth that have optimal aesthetics and proper alignment in your bite. All aspects of your treatment, including the placement of dental implants by our surgeons, is done in the comfort of our office.

Personal care tailored to your needs

Dr. Rodriguez is very interested in your goals for your teeth. Your doctor will listen closely to what you have to say, and treat your situation with the same care he would take with his own mouth.

After a comprehensive exam to determine what can work for you, your doctor will explain each of your available options and answer all of your questions. He will then recommend the best treatment plan for you based on your specific circumstances.

Below are our options for replacing single teeth, several missing teeth in a row or a full arch of teeth.

Options for Replacing One or Several Missing Teeth

  • Dental implant and crown for a single missing tooth

    Dental ImplantA dental implant is a titanium post inserted into the jaw to act as a replacement root for a missing tooth. Dental implants have the strength and stability of real tooth roots. Implant-supported crowns look, feel and function just like natural teeth and provide full chewing power.

    Implants are the longest-lasting of all tooth replacement options and are the only option that provides the chewing pressure needed to prevent bone loss in the jaw. Our doctor recommends dental implants as the best tooth replacement option for people who are eligible to receive them.

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  • Dental bridge

    Traditional bridgeDental bridges can also be used to replace one or two missing teeth in a row. They require the grinding down of the adjacent teeth so crowns can be placed over them to anchor the bridge. Bridges can be a good option when the adjacent teeth have crowns already or need crowns. They do not require surgery or bone grafting.

    Dental bridges require the grinding down of the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap, which can compromise the health of those teeth. Because of this, our doctors usually recommend dental implants.

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  • Implant-supported bridge for several missing teeth in a row

    Implant-supported bridgeAn implant-supported dental bridge does not require an individual implant for each missing tooth in the gap. This makes implant-supported bridges a more economical way to replace several teeth in a row than individual implants. They function with near the same strength as natural teeth and provide the chewing pressure needed to preserve the jawbone underneath the bridge.

Options For Replacing a Full Arch of Teeth

  • Implant-Supported, Snap-on Denture

    Implant Supported DenturesOur doctor can have two to four implants placed in your arch. They can then create a denture with attachments that allow it to snap onto the implants. Implant-supported, snap-on dentures are stable in your mouth and provide 75 to 80 percent of normal chewing power.

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  • All-on-4® New Teeth in One Day

    Full-Arch Denture using ImplantsWe can place as few as four specially designed implants in your dental arch to support a full-arch set of new teeth that are firmly fixed onto your implants. This system requires no bone grafting for most patients, and their new fixed-in teeth provide 95 percent of full chewing power. The technology used in the procedure allows your surgeon to perform any needed extractions, place all of your implants and provide you with a functional set of temporary replacement teeth—all in the same day.

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  • Dentures

    DenturesFor patients who cannot take advantage of our implant options, Dr. Rodriguez uses his specialist skills in creating replacement teeth to fabricate a denture that looks very natural, fits comfortably in your mouth and provides proper bite alignment. Our doctor takes great care to make your denture durable, functional and aesthetic.

    However, traditional dentures provide only about 15 percent of normal chewing power. Dentures do not provide the stimulus needed to retain jaw bone, and the bone under the dentures is progressively lost. This means that the dentures will lose their fit over time and have to be adjusted. The progressive bone loss can also affect the shape of your lower face, causing the chin to move in toward the nose and the skin to become loose, giving a prematurely aged look.

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