New Patient Exam

Doctor showing patient X-rays on screen

Thorough Exam and Friendly Care

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Rodriguez is a specialist in restoring your smile and providing thorough exams and accurate treatment plans. When you come to our office, you’ll find that our doctor and staff are very friendly and take care of you like you are family. Our staff will ensure your visit is pleasant and efficient.

During your exam, the doctor will consult with you closely about your personal goals and concerns. He will conduct a thorough exam using state-of-the-art technology to obtain an accurate picture of the condition of your teeth and gums and plan your treatment with precision.

Your doctor will devise a treatment plan tailored to your needs, and will present you with the treatment options that will work best for you.

Your New Patient Exam

Here is what happens when you see us for your first exam.

A friendly greeting

Receptionist greeting patient

You will receive a friendly greeting from one of our staff.

Our staff will give you a friendly greeting and will welcome you to our office. They will help you complete any paperwork, and will answer any of your questions.

Consultation about your goals and concerns

The doctor will consult with you prior to your exam to get to know you and find out about your goals and concerns. He will listen closely to what you have to say and will make sure that these points are addressed in your exam.

Digital X-rays

To get a clear picture of your mouth, we take digital X-rays. If needed for your situation, we take a digital panoramic X-ray that provides a single comprehensive view of your entire mouth.

Digital photos

Doctor taking photo of patient's smile

We take digital photos of your face, smile, teeth and gums to help diagnose and plan treatments.

As needed, we take digital photos of your face, smile, teeth and gums. These are often used to help diagnose and plan treatments or to obtain an external image of how your teeth come together.

Comprehensive oral exam

The doctor will conduct a comprehensive oral exam, which includes a thorough inspection of your teeth, gums and mouth. He will make a record of your bite alignment and will check for any signs of gum disease.

Digital Impressions

Digital Impression Scanner System

Using our digital impression scanner, we can get accurate images of your teeth, comfortably.

When appropriate, the doctor will take a digital impression of your teeth for use in planning your treatment. Digital impressions are more accurate than traditional goopy impressions and are more comfortable.

Detailed treatment plan

The doctor will use your digital images and the data gathered in your examination to create a treatment plan that’s tailored to your personal needs. We will then go over the treatment plan with you.

If your situation is more involved, the doctor will make arrangements with you for a second appointment to go over your treatment plan. Prior to the second appointment, the doctor studies the information gathered during your initial visit and formulates a detailed plan of action, as well as your options for treatment.

In your second appointment, the doctor will take you on a “tour” of your mouth, pointing out what was found and indicating where treatment is needed. In many cases, he will show you a digital display of your smile as it will look when treatment is done, so that you can get a clear idea of what to expect.

Our doctor believes in making sure you have a thorough understanding of all that is involved in your treatment. In this way, you can make a well-informed decision that you are comfortable with.

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